EASV – Business Academy Southwest

Business Academy South West is a modern, international institution of higher education and we offer study programmes for international students in our two study locations in Esbjerg and Sønderborg.

At Business Academy South West we offer 10 AP-degree programmes and Bachelor programmes. We take pride in offering academic programmes of the highest quality. Since many of our study programmes are offered in English and have an international semester there are many possibilities for you as a student – both for those who wish to take their full degree with us and for those who wish to spend one semester as an Exchange student with us.
We Work closely with industry and commerce and we have a strong international profile. Our programmes are based on a combination of theory and practice, and throughout your studies you will enjoy close cooperation with the business world, e.g. via guest lectures and company visits. Being a Danish institution we constantly work with innovation as keys to success for both our students and our academy
An Academy Profession (AP) degree programme is a 2 or 2½-year higher education programme.
The programme corresponds to the first 2 years of a Bachelor’s degree and the student obtains 120/150 ECTS points after completing the programme.
The programmes are taught in English.

All programmes offered by Business Academy South West are recognized by the Danish State and can be used as accreditation for further academic studies. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) ensures easy recognition with other European educational institutions.